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Best Extreme Travel Adventures In The World

Adventure can keep our adrenaline high to make us feel good, which is why people love to indulge in thrilling activities. There are several adventure packages offered around the world which provide extreme experiences to people and here are some of the travel adventures that you can put in your bucket list today.

Skydiving, Australia

Skydiving is apparently the most thrilling adventure sport to experience as of now. Jumping off a plane while witnessing the vast lands is something no one should miss. Australia is one of the best skydiving spots in the world which offers diverse locations, including the Great Barrier Leaf. If you are ready to take the risk and can keep your eyes open, you will witness something magical while gliding through.

World’s highest cliff jump, Queenstown, New Zealand

The best cliff jumping experience that you can get is in Queenstown. It takes a lot of courage to free fall from the highest cliff in the world and can give you an adrenaline rush like never before. You can bungee jump from the cliff over a beautiful scenic river.

Surf in Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa

Surfing is one thing which you can find on every beach, but there can be nothing like the experience that you get while surfing in the oceans which has the risks of sharks. The beaches of Jeffrey town has the most thrilling waters to surf in. Learning surfing can be a little difficult, but once you get the hang of it, there is nothing else that you can do.

Night Volcano Trekking, Indonesia

One of the most pointless, dangerous, yet out of the world adventure you can go for is the Night Volcano Trekk in Indonesia. Volcano trekking is not only a tiring experience but also something which involves the risk of health and safety. This is a night trek which you can do to the top of the volcano to witness the sunrise. But, if you are a daredevil and want to do a little more than others, you can go inside the volcano to see the blue magical fire at night.

Komodo Dragons, Indonesia

While you are in Indonesia, you can also meet the dragons in their own native island. You can take a boat to the Komodo islands to witness these poisonous yet lazy creatures. While you are on the island, you will find that the homes have special security measures to keep the dragons away. One bite from this creature can cause a slow death of up to two days, so be careful while getting to close.

Water Rappelling, Costa Rica

Water rappelling is a kind of sport which requires you to bounce down through a waterfall. Costa Rica offers the best water rappelling sites in the world, and a little bit of training can make you a professional. You can also visit nearby Latin America’s longest zipline of 1.5 km while you are visiting the best sites in Costa Rica.

Bukidnon CDO Iligan City Ozamiz Itinerary And Cost Breakdown

Iligan City

This is a long over due post.Well, I really don’t have plans on posting it. Not until someone emailed me, asking for help and trip cost breakdown. I am happy, thinking someone is really reading my blog, and someone is really interested with what I write. Am I making any sense here?

Wanna know how much I spent on my very first short backpacking trip?then keep scrolling below..

You may use this as reference when you are going to visit Iligan City and Ozamiz City.

Blue Water Cave Travel

Blue Water Cave

A promise of adventure for trekking, spelunking and nature exploration.I heard about this, years ago. My siblings used to have their bibwak trainings here, even saw photos of my facebook friends. A year ago, I planned a visit to this place with my tourism classmates but weren’t able to push thru due to busy schedules. So last April 05, 2012 I went there with my siblings, my little nephew and Dad as our driver. haha yolo
Blue water, is situated in Brgy. San Jose Quezon, Bukidnon.One of the 31 barangay of Quezon, Bukidnon.Some 10 kilometers from Quezon,Bukidnon.

You don’t need to pay any fees here.
You can ask for a guide *recommended for first timers*
Be generous by giving a little amount to compensate the guide’s effort. PS: The whole back and fro trek is never a joke.

North Peak Adventure

North Peak
Hello fellow wanderlust! I have a giveaway especially for you, courtesy of NORTH PEAK .

North Peak was Founded on January 3, 2002 in Balintawak, Quezon City as a 7 sewing machine startup, NorthPeak Industry envisioned the creation of affordable bags made with top-notch materials.

The company aims to satisfy the needs of customers who seek reliable and durable outdoor bags at economical prices. They also manufacture laptop bags and organizers using only the best textiles available. their entire portfolio is available for both bulk and custom orders.

Whether it could be a day trip or a quick climb to your favorite Hill, This North Peak backpack is perfect for you!

Coco Beach, Gumasa, Glan, Sarangani

Coco Beach
I just cant visit a certain province without visiting what their province is most proud of.  I’ve heard and read really really good feedbacks from friends & bloggers about the nice beaches in Glan, Gumasa, Sarangani. I always travel unprepared, arriving to an unfamiliar province was a challenge. Ofcourse, deciding on cost budgets and time isn’t easy!
It was our last day in General Santos City so we really have to do something that will be worth our time and stay. Right after our sumptuous breakfast at Cafe Leticia, we then headed to the terminal bound for Glan, Sarangani. It was a smooth hour ride, tho it was a bit crowded in the van but that’s okay. We we’re in E. Alegado Transport station (GLAN)  right before we knew it. Alighted the van and  searched for carinderias & a convenience store where we can eat our lunch and buy some snacks.
Tricycle drivers flocked our ways offering a ride to Gumasa, we chose the young, friendly tricycle driver. I instructed him to bring us to White Haven Resort. Upon arrival, I checked upon their rates. 75php entrance fee was cool and would still suit our budget but they don’t accept guests who wont be renting a cottage. unluckily, the cheapest cottage rental is a whooping 750PHP! That’s seriously way out of our budget so I had another beach resort in mind. Coco Beach Resort it is. We took our way out of the resort like lonely kids who wasn’t able to catch the last full show of happy feet. boohooo After 5 minutes or so, We arrived in Coco Beach Resort, as a traveler’s SOP, I checked on the rates. 35php entrance fee was cool. Again, like White Haven Resorts policy, they don’t accept guests who wont be renting a cottage too! Cheapest was at 250php. It was still not close to my preferred budget but I gave in. Just to cut further hassle to our friendly driver and I was also tired and I almost lost my patience.

Lake Apo. Guinoyoran, Valencia City

Lake Apo
ituated at Sitio Lake Apo. The lake can be reached either from Valencia City or Dologon, Maramag, Bukidnon. We chose the latter. coming from BUSCO, Dologon is our nearest access road. Dropped off the junction road to Kisanday and tried to haggle for our habal habal fare.
the road leading to sitio Lake Apo is unpaved, so expect a bumpy ride all through out your travel. Travel time is about 10-15minutes. and 40php/fare one way.