I just cant visit a certain province without visiting what their province is most proud of.  I’ve heard and read really really good feedbacks from friends & bloggers about the nice beaches in Glan, Gumasa, Sarangani. I always travel unprepared, arriving to an unfamiliar province was a challenge. Ofcourse, deciding on cost budgets and time isn’t easy!
It was our last day in General Santos City so we really have to do something that will be worth our time and stay. Right after our sumptuous breakfast at Cafe Leticia, we then headed to the terminal bound for Glan, Sarangani. It was a smooth hour ride, tho it was a bit crowded in the van but that’s okay. We we’re in E. Alegado Transport station (GLAN)  right before we knew it. Alighted the van and  searched for carinderias & a convenience store where we can eat our lunch and buy some snacks.
Tricycle drivers flocked our ways offering a ride to Gumasa, we chose the young, friendly tricycle driver. I instructed him to bring us to White Haven Resort. Upon arrival, I checked upon their rates. 75php entrance fee was cool and would still suit our budget but they don’t accept guests who wont be renting a cottage. unluckily, the cheapest cottage rental is a whooping 750PHP! That’s seriously way out of our budget so I had another beach resort in mind. Coco Beach Resort it is. We took our way out of the resort like lonely kids who wasn’t able to catch the last full show of happy feet. boohooo After 5 minutes or so, We arrived in Coco Beach Resort, as a traveler’s SOP, I checked on the rates. 35php entrance fee was cool. Again, like White Haven Resorts policy, they don’t accept guests who wont be renting a cottage too! Cheapest was at 250php. It was still not close to my preferred budget but I gave in. Just to cut further hassle to our friendly driver and I was also tired and I almost lost my patience.

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